Saurin's Freeware Apps

These applications are free for you to download and use. 

iTunes to WinAmp M3U Converter
This little application will take the iTunes XML file and convert it to WinAmp M3U format. I created this so that I could use my iTunes player in my iRiver MP3 player.
Requirements: Windows with dotNet Framework installed. Most people already have this installed, if you need it simply go to

Download: iTunes2M3U Version 1.0.1671.21446 (July 29, 2004)

iTunes to M3U Converter


Casino Style BlackJack
I created this app to help me learn how to play blackjack for a trip to Vegas. With this app you can play blackjack, keep track of stats, split multiple times, double-downs, tips and more. The config.xml file, which it uses, can be modified by you using a text editor allowing you to control almost all aspects of gameplay!

Requirements: Windows

Download: BlackJack version 1.0.016 (July 27, 2004)

Casino Style BlackJack Game

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Disclaimer: Use these apps at  your own risk.  Feel free to contact me for suggestions and comments.