Jaini Shah to Tour North America

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18-year-old singer from India, Jaini Shah signs tour deal with Desitainment.

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Contact: Saurin Shah (saurin@desitainment.com)

Desitainment Signs Jaini Shah
January 01, 2004

(Houston, TX) – South-Asian niche- marketing and entertainment company Desitainment has signed 18 year old pop-classical/playback vocalist, Jaini Shah (simply known as Jaini), to a multi-year North America touring deal. Jaini, from Ahmedabad, India, has been performing as a top rising vocalist around India, drawing international attention from critics and fans.

“I recently heard Jaini on the Z-TV talent show Saregamapa: Hunt for the Golden Voice,” Saurin Shah, Vice President of Artist Services, says, “and unique does not even begin to describe her voice. It’s beautiful. Simply beautiful.” Saregamapa is an “American Idol” style talent show in India, which drew the most gifted young singers from a country, where music is as important as tea. Jaini was a finalist on the widely-follow show.

Shah says, “Jaini brings a touch of Indian Soul with the refined voice of Celine Dion. With her extensive training (since childhood) and tremendous natural abilities, Jaini combines Western and Indian styles with expressiveness and passion.” Shah continued, “Successes like Norah Jones and Panjabi MC illustrate that South Asian singers have strong attraction in the West.”

Shah, whose A&R experience has spanned six continents, said, “Jaini’s rising-star status in India makes her a perfect fit for Desitainment.” Desitainment has taken the approach of importing star talent from India, developing them for the hungry South Asian populations in North America, and, eventually, re-introducing them back to South Asia – a reversal in off shoring.

“We have had a strong response to Jaini. We have seen a rapidly growing fan base for Jaini in the United Sates,” Shah explains.

Signing Jaini is the next step in Desitainment’s mission. The company plans on having her tour in Houston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto.

Music fans who want a peak at Jaini can download clips of some her vocals at www.jaini.com.