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Amidst the Rubble: I wrote this article in February 2001 after my trip to India -- a trip, during which I met the woman I would marry...

Business Success Through Jain Thinking: I wrote this article as a preface to a seminar I taught at the Bi-Annual Young Jains of America (YJA) conference held in Los Angeles, CA in July 2000. I spoke about ethics in business in modern Corporate America.

Die Dunkleheit und die Warheit (Darkness and Truth):  I wrote this poem in 1995. For some reason, I still can't figure out why, it won poetry awards.
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My High School Graduation Speech: I wrote this speech in the Spring of 1995 when I graduated from Alief Hastings High School as Salutatorian (rank #2) from a class size close to 800.

In This:  A poem written in 1998 about the warmth and comfort people can find in one another.

King Lorain's Folly:  A Fantasy themed poem I wrote during high school about the foolishness of greed and the hunger for power.

Lost:  An existentialist poem about self-identity and love. Written in 1999.

Repose and Rampage:  A fantasy themed, "mini" epic poem about the loss of innocence in a harsh world. Written in 1995, it's a personal favorite.

Stars for Tomorrow:  Written in 1996, this poem was published in a popular poetry magazine. It is an optimistic look at the cyclical nature of humanity.

Virtue's Hero:  This Fantasy themed poem tells the story of a group of knights who battle a dragon. Each knight except one has a sinister flaw, and the poem describes how only the pure of heart can succeed. Written in 1997.