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About this Poem: I wrote this poem in 1998 when I was about to graduate from Houston Baptist University (undergrad).  Its about the warmth and comfort people can find in one another.

In the darkest hour, a light alights.

In solemn gravity, laughter appears.

In a world turned ugly, a vision dances.

In a hopeless place, there is yet hope.

In a baleful gale, a pure breeze burgeons.

In a savage tempest, violence is allayed

In a bleak mood, optimism conquers.

In a realm of legend, myths seem to vanish.

In a momentís beat, hearts are gladly given.

In fragile hands, all is safe.

In a single word, how can it be explained.

In a single verse, how is it possible.

In conflicting parts, the end conquers the start.

In a confused message, decoding is hard.

In this short poem, the fact is unraveled.

In utter complexity, the truth is simple.

In the end, the beginning has faded.

In this, lies the love always at the last.

(C) Saurin Shah