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About this Poem: A existentialist poem about self-identity and love. I wrote this sometime in 1999.

I am asleep and I am lost.

Snow swirls about my head,

Thunder strikes in the distance,

Signs of desolation point to nothingness.

Dreams beckon me like Sirens calling out to sailors.

I fall prey to the illusion of the dreamland,

And am whisked away into fantasy.

I am dreaming and I am lost.

Rose petals fall before me,

Dolphins and birds singing echo throughout,

A figure emerges from the nothingness,

And gracefully walks toward me like a dove skimming over water,

And I watch the smoothness, the silkiness, the charm of the spirit,

And I am breath-taken by the splendor.

I am in ecstasy and I am lost.

Kindness caresses my body,

Tenderness nibbles at my feet,

And love emerges from nothingness,

And passion engulfs me like flames on oil.

And my soul is touched by the sweet nectar.

Impassioned, I attempt to return the love, but I am lost.

I submit myself to the mist,

I give myself to the shape,

I offer myself to the nothingness,

And I am bathed in warmth like sunlight on an Eskimo’s skin,

And I am rejuvenated, but I realize I am lost.

Suddenly I am whisked from my fantasy,

And taken back to the world where I am lost.

I awake to discover myself to be nowhere.

I am lost.  I am lost.

But, alas, I find you beside me, and I am found.

(C) Saurin Shah