Stars for Tomorrow
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About this Poem:  Written in 1996, this poem was published in a popular poetry magazine. It is an optimistic look at the cyclical nature of humanity.

A prophecy of love and peace,

A charter for devotion and resolution,

The future of the world shall not be undermined

By today's plague of violence, prejudice, and avarice,

Which is augmented by the world's continuing infertility.

The tomorrow of our darkened history

Lies beyond the realm of eternal light.

We must endeavor and persevere

To establish, fertilize, and sow the seeds of tomorrow.

This shall start with an eclipse of all bane,

And it shall recover the dearth of virtue

That once engulfed and swallowed our simple earth.

But tomorrow will undoubtedly yield the fruits of accord,

While exploration of the stars and planets--

That are concealed in the fostering, harboring,

And protecting heavens--burgeons into the manifestation

Of today's global conquest of a second home.

Infiltrated by ambitious repose and peaceful aspiration,

This exploration will deprive our world

Of its malignant illness, its abhorrent corruption,

Its vile, insidious, decayed immorality,

For humanity shall bond together,

Embracing the approaching equinox of tranquillity.

This will be done in a glorious attempt to spread

Humanity and its hidden virtue

To a relentless and imminent tomorrow, and an unknown heaven.

Our quest began myriad, sweltering summers

And numerous cold, frosty winters past;

This ancient quest of discovery and common harmony

Has continued and will continue for countless eons to follow.

(C) Saurin Shah